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Radon in Florida

Living in Florida is a unique experience, but dangerous levels of radon have been found in all 50 states, so even Florida residents must always check their homes for radon to avoid the risks of lung cancer. In fact, radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. after smoking. Regardless of how new or old your home is, every property could have elevated levels of radon.

According to Florida Health, one in five Florida homes tested for radon have elevated levels, and elevated radon levels do occur in numerous buildings including manufactured homes, schools, offices, and condos.

When Do I Need Radon Mitigation in Florida?

If you've recently tested your home or property for radon in the air found radon levels of 4pCi/L or higher, you should contact a radon contractor for mitigation services. Radon fans help to lower levels of radon, and the systems also have the added benefit of reducing moisture in the home. For those who are seeking to move, a radon problem should be fixed immediately, whether elevated radon is found in the home you are buying or selling. Addressing a radon issue during a real estate transaction provides a safer home environment for the family who will live there, and adds value in a modern, environmentally-conscious world.

How Can Radon be Reduced in a Florida Home

Many factors contribute to the design of a radon reduction system. For instance, if you have a basement under part of the house and a crawlspace below the rest of the house, you may need a combination radon reduction technique, including the installation of a vapor barrier over the crawlspace to seal it. Florida radon systems also might be affected by construction materials that can, themselves, emit radon gas.

Some home and property owners attempt to reduce radon levels by only sealing cracks in their basements, but this alone will not keep a home safe from elevated radon. Sealing is an important early step in the radon reduction process, in addition to the professional installation of a radon system.

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RadonAway works with a network of highly-trained. certified, and insured radon professionals in Florida who can effectively install radon mitigation systems. These radon contractors adhere to industry and state protocols and standards to ensure the system is installed properly and radon levels are reduced.

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